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Intelligent Battery Monitor

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The Battery Monitor uses advanced Large Pulse Resistance technology to continuously test the health of deep-cycle batteries in real-time. It clearly indicates charge level and battery health on the easy-to-read display, and audibly alerts you when performance begins to drop to dangerously low levels. The  Deep Cycle Battery Monitor is perfect for marine, RV, camping, construction and other deep-cycle battery applications.

The Battery Bug is compact and easy to install.

Extend Battery Life by Avoiding Damaging Charge Conditions It’s a fact: any battery will naturally lose its charge over time. Once fully discharged, a battery will start to permanently lose its overall capacity. This results in weaker performance, even when fully recharged. The Deep Cycle Battery Monitor can significantly extend your battery’s life by monitoring its charge level. The Battery Bug’s on-board microprocessor uses advanced Large Pulse Resistance (LPR) technology to monitor the decay in battery performance and calculate your battery’s total state of health. This technique is perfect for accurate, continuous monitoring because it is largely immune to the effects of connected electronics, and can be utilized while the battery is in use. LPR technology is also used to track the battery’s overall state of health as it experiences the effects of sulfation, dehydration and many other decay factors. This information is used to predict when the battery is going to reach a critically low level of total capacity and will need to be replaced. The Deep Cycle Monitor also checks charger and alternator performance for damaging over-charge and under-charge conditions.

The display is easy to read and understand.

Intuitive Display and Alarms Provide a Clear Picture of Battery Health The Battery Bug’s information-packed LCD display shows critical battery health and performance information that’s easy to read and understand. A graphical indication of health remaining and the state of charge appear at the top of the display. Below that is a numerical gauge that shows state of charge, battery voltage, and charger/alternator voltage. Low Battery and Replace Battery icons at the bottom of the display indicate what actions need to be taken when the audible alarm is active. If the battery needs attention, the Battery Bug will alert you with its on-board audible alarm. The Low Battery alarm will sound when the charge level drops below 30%. An overcharge alarm will sound when the charger or alternator voltage exceeds 15 Volts. Finally, the Replace Battery alarm will activate when the state of health gauge drops below 50%. Easy to Install and Set Up The Unit comes equipped with universal “Y” connectors that can be easily attached to most battery posts or clamps. Since  Deep Cycle Monitors use LPR technology, they must be directly attached to the battery for accurate readings. The display unit is engineered tough to survive the elements, and the coiled cables let you place it up to 18 inches away from the battery. The Unit consumes very little power–about the same amount as your vehicle’s digital clock–and will not adversely affect battery performance. The  Deep Cycle Monitor can also be attached to parallel banks of batteries that are less than 100Ah total. The preferred installation is to attach it diagonally across the pack. The black wire should attach to the negative post at one end of the pack, and the red wire should attach to the positive post at the other end of the pack.
Product Description
The Deep Cycle Battery Monitor communicates both battery charge level and percent remaining battery life. It is designed for 12-volt, 20-100 amp hour deep cycle batteries in boats, RVs, commercial trucks, emergency and off-road vehicles, the DCM series extends battery life and improves reliability by providing the user with accurate charge level as well as battery life information. This battery monitor measures the internal resistance of the battery every 60 seconds and displays real-time charge level. It also tracks the deterioration of the battery over time and alerts the user when the battery needs to be replaced.