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Battery Management System

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The Redarc Smart Start® Battery Management System is designed to offer a complete solution to battery charging and maintenance needs for trucking, recreational automotive and marine applications.
The unit is designed to charge today’s automotive type batteries to their optimal charge level from either mains power (AC), vehicle power (DC) or solar power. The system also incorporates a current shunt and Battery Monitor giving you more accurate information during the charge cycle. With all these features in one product, the time and money saved during installation along with the added benefits of an integrated system make the Smart Start® BMS the ultimate battery charging choice.
The Smart Start® BMS features two charging modes, Touring mode (3 stage) is for charging batteries whilst on the move and allows you to draw load on your house battery whilst charging. Storage mode (5 stage) is designed to safely charge the house battery to its optimal charge level whilst your caravan, camper or boat is in storage. The charging profiles are specifically tailored to the type of battery under charge including Gel, AGM, Calcium or Standard Lead Acid, and the system is smart enough to be able to charge a house (auxiliary) battery of a different chemistry type to your vehicle start battery.
The Smart Start® BMS comes with a stylish Remote Control designed to allow you to simply and effectively know the state of your battery at all times. The Remote offers information such as Battery Time Remaining and Time to Full Charge allowing you to enjoy your journey without fear of running out of power. The information is presented in a manner that is easily understood and yet invaluable. The Smart Start® BMS is robust and rugged, designed and tested to withstand the harsh and varied conditions of the Australian outback. You can be assured the ultimate in battery management regardless of your location.
The Smart Start® Battery Management System is set to revolutionise the way you charge your house (auxiliary) battery. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.